The initiative with the aim of making Kubernetes usable for EVERYONE.

We are convinced that Kubernetes is a tool that offers extremely valuable features that, when used correctly, offer significant benefits for its users, regardless of whether it is used by a developer in a private environment or by enterprise customers.

In many containerization projects that we have been in charge of since 2015, we have found that it is a long way to actually take advantage of Kubernetes. Therefore, we have made it our task to make Kubernetes usable for everyone with a holistic approach.

For this purpose we have identified and initiated the following measures:





Kube Ops Distribution

As an initiative, we are of course as well a member of the

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is an association of diverse members with the same interest: to advance Kubernetes and the associated landscape. It is also the organizer of various events such as KubeCon and CloudNativeCon, but also various forums.

We are a member of the CNCF and the LF and are actively involved in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation to promote Kubernetes as a product.

We are very proud to be a sponsor for KubeCon 2020 in Amsterdam. We will also be represented with a stand on site.

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