Kubernetes toolset for productive environments (airgap ready)

With the open source project Kubernetes, Google has launched a solution to easily manage containers and dynamically scale them. The native Kubernetes, however, requires considerable know-how, which is why we have put together a package to offer companies in particular a much simpler and more convenient distribution, which as an AirGap solution can also be operated in restrictive environments. With our experience from many customer projects, we know the exact needs and are building our new distribution KubeOps, which can be operated immediately by the user, based on Kubernetes. With KubeOps, real-time operation in a production environment is no longer wishful thinking, but hardened reality. KubeOps was developed with the focus on providing a secure, easy-to-manage and AirGap-compatible Kubernetes environment immediately after installation.

KubeOps is currently available as a free community edition and as a licensed edition for companies (KubeOps pro) in the core version for Redhat and CentOS systems. In the diagram below, the scope of delivery of the free Community Edition is shown in green.

What added value does KubeOps offer?

Easy to use

All life cycle functions can be executed and carried out by using the kubeopsctl tool. This makes it easy to manage the cluster centrally.

Security by design

KubeOps is developed with focus on security. We also harden Docker Images as required and check all components for security.

Designed for production

KubeOps is developed with focus on ease of use. For us, this means that tasks on the cluster such as certificate renewal, upgrade, etc. must be carried out automatically.

AirGap compatible

KubeOps has all the support to operate in AirGap installations. Access to the internet is not required at all, or reduced to a minimum.

What functions does KubeOps offer?


Fully automated management of your clusters with LIMA

With our lifecycle management tool LIMA you can manage your clusters fully automatically and across technologies. This enables you to install, update, add or remove nodes and much more with one central command.



KubeOps pro comes with a local repository that contains all the information that Kubernetes needs without having to carry out a large number of Internet accesses. We provide you with updated and quality-assured installation packages on a daily basis so that you can operate your clusters productively in a secure environment. We thus reduce your attack vectors from the outside to a minimum and at the same time increase the quality of your components.



Thanks to our software installer SINA, you can get all versions of KubeOps pro from a central download area. For this purpose, we have defined a new package format with which all components required for installation can be transferred to your data center. Installation is conveniently carried out using an automated script - your KubeOps pro is thus ready for immediate use.

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