KubeOps #

We at KubeOps offer you an innovative and modular concept with tailor-made tools and services for both partners and end-customers.

KubeOps-LIMA #

LIMA is a Cluster Lifecycle Management application. It comes along with a function to change your container runtime online and provides you with a continuous delivery pipeline for patches and updates.

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KubeOps-SINA #

SINA is an application to ease software delivery even in complex environments. It enables software developers to create self-sufficient packages. They can be published, downloaded, and installed via our KubeOps hub.

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KubeOps-PIA #

PIA is an infrastructure management application. It offers centralized management of OS-level tasks for the whole cluster. PIA also support the feature to transfer artifacts from the admin node to master and worker nodes.

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Software Library

Quality-tested packages for your cluster #

The Software library provides you with access to a growing list with hardened software packages. These are secured according to our five-level hardening procedure. Each step ensures a higher level of quality and security.This allows you to benefit from a secure Kubernetes platform even within containers.

Privacy policy #

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