KubeOps #


is our Cluster Lifecycle Manager.

With LIMA you set up and manage your cluster without the need to access a single cluster node. It supports you when creating or updating whole clusters and adding or deleting nodes - all from a centralized management node.

LIMA helps you create or upgrade entire clusters, as well as add, delete, upgrade, update, or change runtimes of nodes - all from a central management node. All you need to do is execute a single command and the desired function is performed.


is our software installer and text frontend for our Software Hub.

SINA allows you to download, create, edit and install software hub Packages directly in a (Kubernetes) cluster. SINA unique selling point is that all required dependencies for the installation are delivered within the package. Thus, this allows you to install multiple artifacts at the same time. For instance, it permits you to install Helm-based Software in an Air Gap cluster. Subsequently, it endorses the packet installation on all further hosts.

SINA can be enhanced at any time through the integrated plug-in interface.


is our Plug-in based Infrastructure Admin.

PIA is our cluster infrastructure manager. PIA supports you in the management of all operating system related cluster node tasks. It supports you e.g. when managing firewall rules on any node, user management or OS package installation.

Software Library

Quality-tested packages for your cluster

Our software library complements the use of KubeOps in productive clusters. Based on our customer needs, we take software packages from our hub and harden, qualify and secure these packages according to Kubernative quality guidelines. This allows you to benefit from a secure Kubernetes platform even within containers.