About Pia

What is PIA? #

PIA is a Infrastructure Administrative Manager application for a Kubernetes Cluster. It helps you managing administrative tasks for your complete Cluster without need to execute commands on individual node meaning it provides centralized management efficiently.

Why to use PIA? #

PIA is a simple application which primarily focuses on management of operating system-level tasks. For example managing firewall rules on any node, user management or installing operating system packages

Highlights #
  • PIA provides a convenient way to execute your tasks on a single command without making the process complex.
  • PIA offers centralized management of the complete cluster at one place.
  • PIA gives you flexibility to select the nodes on which the tasks need to be executed.

How does PIA work? #

Here is the workflow which helps you understand how PIA works.


PIA helps you execute commands on all or specified nodes at a single pia run command. Additionally PIA also support the feature to transfer artifacts from the admin node to master and worker nodes.

Click here to download and get started with PIA now. #