Plugin References #

How to access the plugins #

All plugins are available as SINA packages in the KubeOpsHub. Our plugins are grouped into several SINA packages described below. To see our SINA packages in the KubeOpsHub use the command:

SINA 2.4.0 or higher
sina search --ps kubeops --public
SINA 2.3.1
sina search --ps kubeops

A SINA package can be downloaded and installed using the command:

SINA 2.4.0 or higher
sina install -p <user/packagename:version> --public
SINA 2.3.1
sina install -p <user/packagename:version>

The plugins are automatically placed in the associated directory (/srv/sina-plugins/) and can be used directly.

Plugin packages #

In this section you can find the plugin packages and the documentation for each plugin.


These plugins are part of the kubeops-kubernetes-plugins package.

Plugin auditLog #

Plugin kubeadm #

Plugin kubectl #

pre-installed plugins

These plugins are installed with the installation of SINA.

Plugin bash #

Plugin chmod #

Plugin cmd #

Plugin helm #

Plugin print #

Plugin sh #

Plugin template #

Plugin sina #