Sina 2.4.x

SINA Releases #

Changelog SINA 2.4.3 #

Bug Fixes #

  • optimized image handling in SINA packages

older SINA versions

Changelog SINA 2.4.2 #

New #

  • Changed Version Info

  • Added additional logging information

Changelog SINA 2.4.1 #

Bug Fixes #

  • Fixed an issue that caused wrong retagging from package images.
  • Fixed all help texts for all commands.
  • Fixed an issue that some keys in the package.yaml were not optional as mentioned.

Changelog SINA 2.4.0 #

New #

  • Added update feature.
    With this feature you can Update a deployment of the package. It enables you define course of action to be taken on update command.

  • Added delete feature.
    With this feature you can delete a deployment of the package. It enables you define course of action to be taken on delete command.

  • Added a command sina list.
    It lists all the deployments of all installed packages on the machine.

  • Added a flag -namespace which refers to Kubernetes namespace.

  • Added flag --dname which refers to the deployment-id of package.

Changes #

  • Set the default kubeops-hub to private hub instead of public hub.
  • Added flag --public to access the public hub.
  • Updated sina create functionality which also generates a logo and document zip file along with package.yaml(V4)
  • Added delete and update section to package.yaml to add the respective tasks.

Bug Fixes #

  • Fixed the issue regarding invalid docs.tgz on sina create command.
  • Addressed issue of missing docs.tgz and logo.png on sina push and sina pull commands.
  • Fixed an issue which send a GET-request instead of a POST-request.
  • Fixed an issue handles sina lint incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that denies backwards compatibility.

Getting started with SINA 2.4.3

Full Documentation of SINA 2.4.3