Sina 2.5.x

SINA Release 2.5.1 #

Changelog #

Changelog sina 2.5.1 #

New #

  • Changed Version Info

  • Added additional logging information

Changelog sina 2.5.0 #

New #

  • Supports min. podman Version 1.6.4 container engine instead of docker for better and secure usage of SINA in containers.
    ( RHEL has also dropped Docker-Support in RHEL8.)

  • Sina supports backward compatibility to older package versions.

  • Sina supports secure registries on default.

    • Insecure registries have to list in registry.conf.

Bug Fixes #

  • Fixed an issue, which allowed, that only lowercase user can login.
  • Fixed an unclear message if there was no package in your private hub.
  • Fixed help-text for all commands.

Getting started with SINA 2.5.0

Full Documentation of SINA 2.5.0